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​Innovation Technology

Xyber Force has always emphasized the use of natural health preservation to improve health. Its energy sticker product series is developed to address the health problems often encountered by urbanites, combining cutting-edge "far infrared rays", "biological information electromagnetic waves" and "quantum physics". "Theory, providing innovative technology health care products that can quickly relieve a variety of health problems,

Improve the health care level of urban people.

far infrared

Far infrared is a spectrum invisible to the naked eye.

Among them, the range of 6μm-14μm is the light of growth.

FIR has strong penetrating power, can penetrate deep into the subcutaneous tissue, expand microvessels, promote blood circulation and metabolism, restore the elasticity of microvessels, and effectively keep blood vessels open; it can also quickly relieve pain, help repair joint strain, and improve joint mobility. Relieve all kinds of pain at the root cause, cure the symptoms and cure the root cause.

Forest Trees

biological information electromagnetic waves

Bioinformatic waves are a special kind of biological microwave.

The human body needs not only basic nutrients, but also a maintenance

The microscopic motion system in which life basically exists; for example, the activity of DNA, it is the most basic life activity in the human body and is thebasis for a healthy and long life.

It is also an electromagnetic trigger signal to achieve leverage,

Correct abnormal changes in cells, change molecular imbalances

correct communication and coordination between state, activation and recovery cells,

It can even activate latent genes to replace the genes that are senile and morbid,

Achieving life reversal of aging.


Young and vigorous bio-information energy is the main source of energy to heal the changes in the information spectrum within the human body and to solve "information hunger".

​Quantum Physics

Quantum Physics is a branch of physics that studies the laws of motion of microscopic particles in the material world ; it includes two parts: one is quantum mechanics , which is a physical theory at the atomic level, a theory that explains the laws of motion of matter in the microscopic world; the other is quantum fields Theory , which is the basic law of the research field, reveals some profound questions related to the nature of matter.  

Quantum physics is not only one of the basic theories of modern physics, and has a huge impact on our daily life, but also has been widely used in chemistry and other disciplines and many modern technologies, providing basic concepts and important tools for all sciences.

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