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Chairman's words

Health comes from health preservation, and the core of health preservation lies in strengthening the foundation. I realized very early on the importance of preventing problems before they occur. Only by paying attention to the protection and maintenance of the body can I live a healthy life. Advocating nature and maintaining health is the current life philosophy, but in real life, the rapid pace of life, heavy social pressure and polluted air and food continue to affect and erode everyone's health.

In recent years, many urbanites have died of diseases caused by acquired negligence. Unfortunately, both my parents died prematurely due to illness. When I was young, my father died of a stroke, and a few years later, my mother also died of cancer. When my father died, I recalled what my mother told me that I wished I could do something when I grew up to relieve the ravages of chronic disease. Because as long as you have faced family members suffering from chronic diseases, it is enough to make the whole family lose their dear ones and fall into the brink of grief.

In the process of growing up, I deeply realized that "health" is indeed a priceless gift given to us by God. Maintaining a healthy body is the primary responsibility of caring for your family and yourself. Because of this, this has driven me to cherish the health of myself and my family for many years, and to run a health business in this direction. After all, health is the most important asset that everyone has. As long as everyone is willing to take good care of their health, they will have the opportunity to live a rainbow life.

As early as 16 years ago, the word "love" led to the birth of Shiba's potential products. Back then, my husband couldn't bear to see me suffering from foot injuries for many years, so he and the scientific research team devoted themselves to researching an alternative natural therapy based on biological information and far-infrared rays. After more than ten years of research and development, Finally, through a variety of scientifically proven clinical tests, we officially entered the first milestone in 2011, and successfully launched a variety of Shiba energy stickers into the market, which has established a solid and strong foundation for the group in the field of health care. The platform, towards the road of cherishing a healthy life.

Since its establishment, we have focused on the "people-oriented" team spirit, moving forward from the heart, with professional knowledge and service, so that every customer can feel our sincerity and love, and join hands with everyone to move towards a healthy life. Although the market competition is fierce, with the business philosophy of "talent-based, high-quality products occupy the market", we have finally won many awards in the past, which proves that the professional services provided by the group have been unanimously appreciated by the society, loved by customers and identify.

As an enterprise dedicated to promoting "returning high technology to nature", we insist on focusing on the development of high-quality, safe and reliable all-natural health products. The opening of the Shiba Potential Experience Center, on the one hand, is for the general public to experience the drug-free, all-natural health preservation methods for free, and to educate the public about biological information and far-infrared knowledge; on the other hand, it also successfully allows us to step into the first Two milestones. Because in just a few years, we have brought hope and joy to countless ordinary people who have suffered from health problems. They all deeply realized that they should not let their bodies be dominated by drugs anymore, and they are glad to choose all-natural bio-information and far-infrared high-tech products that are completely non-invasive to the body among the many natural health care products as health care products. road.

In the future, we will continue to carry forward the spirit of "health needs management, management promotes health", so that the general public can experience true balance, abundance and harmony, and aspire to be a pioneer in natural remedies.

Our mission is:

  • Activate biometric password

  • Distribute far infrared health

To friends in Hong Kong and all over the world, we will bring natural and healthy ways of keeping healthy, so that everyone can live a healthier life.

In the future, the whole team of Shiba Potential will continue to strive to provide the public with health effects that can be seen, tasted and felt, and strive to cultivate "effective" and "scientifically proven" health care methods.

I hope everyone can agree with my concept of health management, and I hope everyone can cherish their bodies and their families, live healthy and happy, and make every moment of life rich and wonderful.

Li Wanzi Founder and Chairman of Shiba Potential

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