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​boot biometric password

Through the all-natural, healthy and youthful "biological information code" to activate the human body's electromagnetic waves, let the self potential awaken healthy biological information.

Distribute far infrared health

Far-infrared is a spectrum invisible to the naked eye, in which the range of 6μm-14μm is the light of fertility, which can penetrate clothes, skin and cells, resonate with the human body, make blood circulation smooth, and balance the pH value of the body. Since all substances emit far-infrared rays of different wavelengths and intensities, the higher the emission rate, the higher the effect of promoting blood circulation.

Far-infrared rays also have a strong penetrating power, which can penetrate deep into the subcutaneous tissue, expand microvessels, promote blood circulation and metabolism, restore elasticity of microvessels, and effectively keep blood vessels open; it can also quickly relieve pain, help repair joint strain, and improve joint mobility. , relieve all kinds of pain from the root cause, cure the symptoms and cure the root cause.

Image by Eric Masur
Image by Sharon McCutcheon

Benefit the crowd

We sell Yixietong series products at affordable prices for the general public, and donate them to social welfare organizations in need through our charitable fund.

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