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About Xyber Force

Xyber Force's potential research team has been researching all-natural and drug-free bio-information energy stickers since 1998. The research team includes a doctor of biochemistry, a naturopath and a professor of traditional Chinese medicine. After years of hard work and superb technology, finally in 2011 Successfully launched the first "Shiba Pain Relief Patch" in the market that contains more than 90%+ far-infrared and biometric information codes.

100% Hong Kong-made Shiba Potential has always emphasized the use of natural health preservation to improve health. Its energy sticker product series is developed to address the health problems often encountered by urbanites. "And the theory of "quantum physics", it can quickly relieve a variety of health problems, and it is a good product for urban people's health care. In May 2013, Shiba Potential was awarded the "Innovative Technology" by the Hong Kong Industry and Trade Office. In August of the same year, it won the Far Infrared Health Care Technology of the New Town Radio U-CHOICE 2013, and the Healthy Life Award. In 2014, it won the Sudden Week Confidence Brand Award and Won the Apple Daily's The Choice brand tour, becoming a brand recognized by users.

Start bio-information password distribution, far-infrared health care without medicine, all-natural health care experts and you live a rainbow life

​Founder Dr. Li Wanzi

Group Portrait

"Shiba Potential" is the application of the "Bio-Information Electromagnetic Wave" theory, which has a history of more than 50 years and is widely recognized and applied by scientists in Russia, China, Japan and Germany, and proves from quantum mechanics that every substance has electromagnetic waves (microwaves), And these microwaves have the characteristic of resonance, also known as "wave energy". Based on these two theoretical foundations, after more than ten years of research, scientific testing, improvement and clinical experiments, it finally achieved breakthrough development in 2010 and successfully launched the energy sticker into the market.

Each energy sticker contains a healthy, youthful and vigorous "life information code". The microwave (electromagnetic field) generated by various code memories activates the human body's electromagnetic waves, and then generates resonance, which is scientifically called (BIO RESONANCE). Resonance awakens the sleeping inner potential, enables cells to repair, repair and regenerate themselves, unblock blood, qi and meridians, improve various basic physiological functions of the human body, and restore the best state of the individual, thereby achieving the effect of "rejuvenation and rejuvenation".

Chairman's words

"Health" is a priceless gift God has given us. maintain a healthy body,
It is your primary responsibility to take care of your family and yourself.

​Company Chairman, Dr. Li Wanzi

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