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Nanofiber woven PFE > 99.47%

VXY Nano Mask Filter (6 pieces)

    • Electrospun nano-woven filter layer, effectively blocking bacteria and pollen
    • Binchotan material, can absorb moisture, deodorize, natural ingredients, can be naturally degraded
    • Extremely breathable and comfortable, it can be tailored
    • Suitable for adding any disposable masks, cloth masks, cotton masks, non-woven masks
    • Extend the life of the mask and reduce consumption
    • Verified by NELSON LAB, the Particle Filtration Efficiency (PFE) is as high as 99.47%
    • General masks can only resist 0.3 um (micron) bacteria and particulate filtration. The test of VXY nano-mask filter is based on 0.1 um. (Note: The volume of the new coronavirus bacteria is 0.12um)
    • The PFE tested by the VXY nano-mask filter is 0.1um, which is finer than the coronavirus

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