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  • Irresistible temptation!
  • Astounding instant face lifting, removal of eye bags, black eyes and wrinkles in 30 minutes.
  • Clinically and scientifically proven.
  • Regain young looking and radiance after continuous use of 3 months.

Pack size: 12 pieces


    • Recommended for aged over 30
    • Removes eye bags and black eyes
    • Achieve fast face lifting result
    • Promote V-shape face contour
    • Rejuvenate skin complexion, toning and radiance for young, fresh & healthy look
    • Stimulate collagen production to improve skin pores and to smooth skin texture
    • Reduce wrinkles and age lines
    • Reduce discoloration
    • Complete a cell rejuvenating cycle by a continuous 3 months application to regain youth
    • Recommend for day time usage.

    To achieve faster & better result, use together with either XyberLife or XyberSports or XyberNightCure.

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