• Instant relief to right knee pain
  • Strengthen the right knee joint and repair cartilage tissue
  • Relieve gout

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Internationally accredited and certified.Embrace Natural Science to promote health and vitality

  • Certified by the China Association of Research & Development of Traditional Chinese Medicine and the World Federation of Acupuncture Moxibustion Society as effective bio-signal, non-invasive therapeutic products.
  • Our products are 100% drugs free, contains Far Infrared Ray and effective bio information codes
  • Internationally accredited by the Nissenken Quality & Evaluation Centre and Beijing National Institute of Metrology to have achieved over 90% Far Infra-red Ray emission rate.
  • Certified by the Chinese University of Hong Kong of not containing any hazardous radioactive substances.  
  • Certified by USA TRA to be safe and contains no allergic substances
  • Certified by the HK Standard and Testing Centre to contain no hazardous substances
  • Certified by HK Youwin Health Centre to have achieved the fastest & most outstanding results in boosting human general health index
  • Invented and made in Hong Kong



  • Instant relief to right  knee pain
  • Strengthen the right knee joint and repair cartilage tissue
  • Repair meniscus and joint strain
  • Restore right  knee flexibility and softness
  • Relieve gout
  • To achieve faster & better result, use together with either XyberLife or XyberSports



  • Put XyberKnee above the affected knee area and the sole of the affected foot that cause the pain.
  • Effective pain relief range is around one square foot, to avoid folding the patch, DO NOT place the patch in ankles or areas that are not flat.
  • XyberKnee is NOT waterproof., therefore, not recommended to put directly on skin due to perspiration. Change a new one if it becomes damp or wet.
  • For reasons that required XyberKnee to be put directly on skin, to avoid itchiness for allergic users, apply a thin layer of aloe vera gel on affected skin area first.
  • To achieve faster & better result, use together with either XyberLife or XyberSports.
  • When in use, XyberKnee has a life of 24 hours.  Not recommend to re-use



  • DO NOT stick directly on open wounds.
  • DO Not use XyberKnee(right) on right knee. Be careful to put the correct tape on the correct knee. May cause discomfort if used incorrectly.
  • Toddlers, young kids, pregnant women, people under continuous medication and has artificial organs shall seek medical consultation before use.

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